Kait♡ (supkaitrooney) wrote in ehs_wildcats_rp,

Quick Updates

So I was wondering what everyone thinks of the new girl Paige. All the characters have posted their reactions to meeting her, but I was wondering if you guys had thought up any interesting plotlines. I've talked to Nicole (Cairn) and Jamie (Chad) and we've mentioned maybe some Paige-Chad-Cairn drama. Frankie (Zeke) instant messaged me the other day with the possibility of some Paige-Zeke-Taylor drama. And then I talked to...god I'm such a spazz! I forgot your name hun, but the girl who plays Ryan, and we discusses some possible Paige-Ryan-Gabriella drama. Nothing's been decided or set in stone yet, the only thing I can tell for sure is that Paige is defintely going to start all kinds of crazy drama at East. So let me know if there are any plotlines you guys were thinking of.

Also, I will be on a short hiatus from the 19 til the 21st, maybe a day or two longer. I'm having minor surgery on the 19th, and probably won't be up to hitting the computer during my recovery. This means Taylor, Paige, and Darbus would be inactive for that time. But it's only a few days so I think it should be okay.

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